Forest Bathing Experiences .…. coming soon

Slowness in nature may touch you. Allowing yourself to tune to the rhythm may transform you.

Return to your true self and to authentic relationships. Turn the volume down on the noise of inner thoughts, remember who you are and be present.

A simple, yet profound forest therapy walk, inspired by the Japanese shinrin-yoku, will help you re-connect with yourself and the world around you. The gentle guided walks in forests or other natural environments support your journey through sensory experiences to restore physical, mental and spiritual balance.

The experiences are available in Switzerland, primarily in Basel and its surrounding area.

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Szederház Guesthouse​

Szederház Guesthouse

A family business project on small scale, but with outstanding results in Hungary. With know-how in the hospitality industry we have successfully built up a guesthouse from a simple privately used weekend house.

I have contributed from the initial idea through web design and content support,  marketing and social media materials, facility management, documentation and implementation procedures, product positioning, all the way to guest relationship management.

During the brand and product design we ensured to focus on the characteristics of slow travel, creating an atmosphere where guests can truly enjoy their time and environment. We emphasize the importance of simplicity, being close to nature, the discovery of community life and travel with purpose.

Destinations – Educational material

Since I find education essential and an exciting approach to travel and discovery, I believe the earlier we start, the more impactful it gets.

A work in progress where I create teaching materials for primary level schools. The material intends to be a supplement to the classes in culture, geography, ethics topics reviewing travel destinations, continents and specific countries with their characteristics. This material addresses children with tools and language they can relate to and focuses on topics such as empathy, natural and man-made beauties of a region, positive sides of cultural differences, traditions of ancient and modern lifestyle etc.