Renaissance of the human-powered experiences?

As we look at the new year and what we have left behind, we can see a great wave of changes. Shifting towards more eco-friendly tour products, small group experiences connecting to nature, choices for immersion with slow travel has been coming into focus. It is the tourism industry stakeholders’ responsibility to build on the momentum and design tour portfolios with adequate and accessible choices for all type of travellers.

Human-powered experiences create an outstanding opportunity to link with your travel destination, get a real sense of connection, be there, be part of the story, get closer to the beauty, experience genuinely.

A large variety of options could be considered from kayaking, biking to hiking, not exclusively in nature settings. Why not hop on a bike to see the city sights? A little workout helps, but not all such experiences have to be exhausting. It is a misconception that these activities are only for the agile! How about providing a guide to punt on a river? How about setting a slow pace to truly appreciate the surroundings? What about including more stops along the way to explore even more?

It is not just environmental friendly, healthy, but a fun way to bring back non-motorized experiences to their well-deserved place in the travel trends.

How are you going to create your new eco-friendly offers?