Act of kindness

Let’s take a look at kind gestures that you can use to surprise your guests. From simple surprise gifts to additional content in your program, an extra photo stop or more beverage included with their meal, there is many things you can do as a simple gesture of care and attention. The main point here is that you offer something that is representing you, your destination, your tour in an environmental-friendly and culture-conscious way.

When I spent a few nights on Bali in Indonesia, I received the above fruit gift in my room. I did not expect. Although it is something that accommodations do many times, I still felt the care and that I was given a little extra. It felt good.

It also made me glad to see the mindful selection of the gift:

* fruit seasonally

* environmental friendly, compostable

* typically local

* presented with an elegant yet natural and re-usable plate

* no plastic packaging

I think this was a perfect representation of care for a guest and for the destination. But remember, you do not have to always give something additional, your high quality service, product and genuine smile by default is what your guests really want.

And if you decide to come up with a small surprise, do it in a responsible way.