7 points for successful year preparation

During the year-start rush take time to pause at a place you like or brings positive memories, experiences to you. Reflect, but not necessarily on what you achieved and what new year’s resolutions you promised to yourself that you may not keep. Allow yourself to enjoy this time without any pressure, so your thoughts may easier come from real sense of what you want to do in the upcoming months.

Contemplate what next steps you want to take and where do you want these to take you in your business success. This is not a wish list, or an emotional yearly planner. Although you may have already put your business to-dos down on a paper, review it and/or change it with a fresh mindset to see clearly where do you stand now and what do you need to work towards. A few hints to assist you:

* create new product or service for the changing travel demand – need product development support?

* work out new implementation processes for new product or service– need practical advices?

* search and identify new markets with the new and already existing products – evaluate the readiness for new travel trends and the potential of new clientele?

* experiment with virtual tour offers – what does it involve? how can we work out the details?

* update operating manuals with strict hygiene protocols – who can provide guidance? what has to be included and how to carry out these?

* update staff training manuals – what to include and how to ensure efficient training will take place?

* work towards sustainable business practices – how to work together with a recognized certifying organization?

What do you need help with?