See the wonders at every corner

We go through times when everything seems to slow down on one hand and some are pushing for great innovations on the other. When change comes, it might be a chance to take time for both. It might only be a matter of perspective. Slowing down gives the opportunity for motivation and reflection, that can be practically used for business leverage as well. When things change so rapidly as they do more and more often, indeed it is time to review your steps and options instead of losing sight of success in future. The solutions might be right in front of you.

The world changed as it always has. Our precious gift, travel has been heart-wrenchingly jeopardized and came to halt. But the pattern will also change, this is inevitable. Change may be good, a possibility and we can use it to benefit us all.

Travel will restart, but many will not have the confidence or the opportunity anymore to discover lands far away, yet would still love to have new, life-long memories. It is time to show the potential of domestic tourism.  Simple, offer local travel solutions to your clients! No matter the size and type of travel business you may work with. This can show you are well-prepared in various tour products regardless the destination, you know what you are doing, and in return you can keep the customers’ loyalty and trust. So they will come back for more options when they are ready to explore more.

Change teaches us to be proactive, venture for new ideas, to appreciate more that is around us. So get creative and do your professional research. Know your country’s offerings, tours, hotels, guides, programs, restaurants, cultural heritages, traditional experiences, natural wonders. You can leverage from bookings to local destinations and can show your clients that while you are still able to provide them with amazing holiday experiences, you also care about the local suppliers’ livelihood and economy. Do not allow your business to fade, but grab the opportunity to establish more trade and also to do right thing by giving back to your community. Both your clients and your local service providers need you to be innovative with the solutions you offer.

Build up a wide-ranging, complex profile with the services in your ’neighbourhood’ for all type of traveller needs: families, couples only, elderly travellers, guests with special needs, travellers with pets, adventurers with camper vans, food lovers, culture and outdoor addicts…

Create itinerary samples to highlight the treasures of your country and also to show the hidden and forgotten beauties for unique taste.  Surprise your clients with custom-made travel ideas in your own wonderful country!

Get your proposals for all kind of activities, museum visits, water-based tours, panoramic sightseeings, nature hikes or local food tasting. There is a large variety if you keep your eyes open for it.

Tell your own personal experiences! If you don’t have them, learn about the places yourself as well! You will get to know your own home better and can offer the most suitable holiday tipps for your clients. Nothing beats an honest personal story. Simple things as where you ate the nicest ice cream, at which museum you heard the best guided lecture or which beach was the best for a sunset walk. The stories from your heart will make the interaction with your clients more real, more sincere and this is what makes you the strong travel professional you are.

No matter the size of business or the scale of changes you have to make in your services, make sure you always follow through the entire process with your clients, even if they only go a few kilometers away. Guidance to booking process, details of their trip and feedbacks upon their return is a must, no matter where they choose to go.

Not only you will strenghten the relationship with your customers, but you will also widen your business palette by knowing and offering the services your country is proud of! You will have the chance to build long-term, solid co-operation with the local suppliers that will be unquestionably valuable for whatever the future holds. So get ready, get prepared with your domestic packages and offers, so when the time comes, you will be the first one reaching out to your customers with amazing, appealling solutions for their well-deserved holiday.

Wonders are at every corner, so make sure you recognize them and build a clear path for your valued guests for unforgettable memories… maybe just down the road!